One of the aims in reading books is to improve students’ reading comprehension skills through reading books. Providing students with reading comprehension skills is also the 21st century. It is also included in the skills. The level of comprehension of the books they read in our country and in Europe cannot be followed adequately. As students encounter questions at the level of knowledge and recall about the books they read, they tend to read superficial rather than deep reading.

Considering all these situations, the project will develop a smart application that is suitable for children’s reading comprehension levels and enables them to meet with
books on topics they are interested in and monitors their reading status. Books will be recommended to children through the smart application and children will be able to review and prefer the books through the smart application.


In summary with the project; 1. Determination of students’ reading profiles 2. Revealing the variables affecting the reading habits of students 3. Students’ gaining the reading habit 4. Combining the use of technology with reading today 5. Establishing the appropriate agenda for the correct use of electronic social media by creating agendas for reading on social electronic media. A blog page will be 6 / 136 Call 2021 Round 1 KA2 KA220-SCH – Cooperation partnerships in school education Form ID KA220-SCH-3564E2D8 Deadline (Brussels Time) 21 May 2021 12:00:00 EN created for this.

It will contribute to the development of social intelligence. 6. Measurement of reading comprehension skills 7. Developing reading comprehension skills 8. Supporting the right book for students 9. Providing the necessary interventions by providing the teachers to monitor the status and level of the students. 10. Helping parents choose the right book for students 11. It is aimed to help students to find suitable books when they buy books. 12. Developing communication and foreign language skills by discussing common books with foreign stakeholders 13. It will be ensured that awareness of the students about the European Union Culture and Literature will be increased with the foreign resources they read.

Project results

1. With the project, students will gain reading habits by making them meet with books suitable for their individual characteristics.
2. As a result of combining reading and the use of technology, which is common today, students will be provided with the knowledge about creating an agenda of reading,
creating agendas related to reading in social electronic media and creating appropriate environments for the correct use of electronic social media.
3. Students’ reading comprehension skills will be increased.
4. Reading profiles regarding the variables that affect the students’ reading and reading comprehension skills will be prepared.
5. Countries will be enabled to market technology by producing smart software.
6. It will be possible for families to have a perspective towards choosing the right book for students.
7. Students will gain the ability to find and buy suitable books when they are going to buy a book.
8- With this project, digital literacy skills will be developed by using the right smart applications.
9- Teachers will be provided to monitor and guide students’ reading status and levels.
10- An example will be developed regarding that mobile technologies and social media, which appear to be disadvantageous, can be used for educational purposes and an
awareness will be provided for investors

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