Continuous changes are taking place at urban, rural and regional level and a deeper understanding of how knowledge economies, spatial reorganisation and social dynamics challenge the development of contemporary societies is needed. The Master’s Degree in Sustainable Planning aims to provide academic and professional knowledge, methods and skills to understand changes and dynamics in urban, rural and regional development. Both intellectually rigorous and providing a strong grounding in professional practice, the Programme

  • unites the study of urbanism and sustainability is international in scope
  • is based on a multidisciplinary approach and structure
  • provides a strong knowledge basis to professional practice in the area The programme aims to provide a comprehensive and systematic knowledge of the key factors in and influences on the formulation and delivery of spatial planning policy and sustainable development across the built and natural environment.

The programme is organised around intensive small group seminars, offering cutting edge exploration of the urban and regional development and in particular:

  • A critical engagement with strategies for urban competitiveness and governance;
  • An understanding of urban, rural and regional economic dynamics and patterns;
  • An examination of the knowledge and cultural economy of cities;
  • An exploration of the relationships between globalisation, transnationalism and urban dynamics Learning outcomes On completion of courses under the MSc of SP participants in the professional development education and training program will be well equipped to meet existing and emerging professional challenges and be able to:
  • follow international and national trends in sustainable planning
  • more effectively assess and manage complex industrial, infrastructure and urban development proposals using statutory and best practice processes and procedures


Duration : 2 years – ECTS : 120 credits

Bilingual Program (French and English) or Only in English

Choose 1 major course from the following topics:

  • Marine planning

  • Coastal urban regeneration (port cities, seaside resorts and post-defence)

  • Rural planning: land use

  • Sustainable building and construction

  • Sustainable Transport-

  • Sustainable Tourism Planning

  • Conservation and Regeneration

Conditions to get the degree

– Student must to follow regullarly all the coures – He/She had to attend their class work, project; exams required in each course – He/She must to get at least 12/20

– Attend and realize Internships in company – Memory

– Student must get the TOEIC with 750 points or an equivalent in french

Tuition Fee

8700 euros per year