At SDMI, our mission is to educate leaders for business and society. This mission reflects the vision and expectation that our graduates are inspiring leaders who own and solve hard problems that matter.
In keeping with this mission, the school has pioneered an MBA curriculum designed to better meet the management challenges of contemporary organizations.
SDMI’ approach is designed to accomplish two goals: first, to instill a general competency in meeting the challenges of management; and second, to facilitate students’ development of their own personal career aspirations. In teaching what is general, our aim is to establish a higher standard of professional management; in cultivating what is personal, our aim is to establish a higher standard of leadership.

Instead of teaching management topics in separate, single-subject courses like Finance or Marketing, SDMI teaches core subjects in an integrated way, providing frameworks and concepts in a richer, more
relevant context. By creating a teaching and learning environment that actively draws connections between the traditional MBA subjects, SDMI’ innovative approach not only requires more disciplined
thinking, but also inspires more creative problem-solving
Upon completion of the MBA program, Graduates possess critical and creative thinking skills to solve problems, identify opportunities and make reliable decisions in routine and unfamiliar or unpredictable
domestic and global environments using generally accepted concepts of business (Accounting, Finance, Organization Studies, Public Administration, Mass Communication/Media, Health Care Management, Management of Technologies/Innovation, Supply Chain, Corporate Strategy and Policy, Human Ressource, Managerial Economics, Education, Information Technologies, Marketing, Energy
Management, Operation Management, Environmental and Ethics, Buisness Law ). The two year program focuses on business in international context.
1. Graduates can incorporate into their business decisions an appreciation for social
responsibility, legal and ethical requirements, and corporate governance.
2. Graduates can use quantitative and qualitative tools to identify business problems and
opportunities showing an appreciation for the interrelationships of finance, accounting, management, operations, marketing, and information systems.
3. Graduates can demonstrate appropriate written and oral communication competencies that support and enhance managerial effectiveness.
4. Graduates can develop a strategic plan with consideration for the dynamic and sometimes
unpredictable domestic and global business environments.


Duration : 2 years – ECTS : 120 credits

Choose 1 or 2 majors courses from the following topics: Accounting, Corporate Strategy and Policy, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information technologies, Management of technologies  Innovation – Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Operation Management, Supply Chain

Conditions to get the degree

– Student must to follow regullarly all the coures – He/She had to attend their class work, project; exams required in each course – He/She must to get at least 12/20

– Attend and realize Internships in company – Memory

– Student must get the TOEIC with 750 points or an equivalent in french

Tuition Fee

9200 euros per year