The MA in Hospitality Management seeks to develop students’ critical analytic skills and foster their creativity, so that they can respond effectively to key challenges facing the hospitality industry in the 21st century. The key themes that recur throughout the programme include; human resource issues and the management of cultural diversity, strategic management and internationalisation.
The programme develops the knowledge and skills you need to enter a wide range of hospitality positions, both nationally and internationally. It develops personal competence across a broad spectrum of generic management areas, but also contextualises understanding firmly in the hospitality sector. You benefit from interaction with participants from a diverse range of subjects and cultural backgrounds.

The course is structured to take you sequentially from the fundamentals of hospitality management through to more detailed consideration of issues such as globalisation. You gain a broad, yet critical, understanding of the hospitality sector and modern business practices. This provides you with a balanced perspective that enables you to tackle a wide range of hospitality roles with confidence.
Key features of the programme are:

  • An integrated programme organised around a series of inter-related case study analyses;
  • The development of critical analytic skills through applications of theories to the hospitality industry;
  • A focus on the application of management styles and techniques in the hospitality industry;
  • A focus on the development of relevant research skills.
  • Looking for challenges in the national and international sphere of Hospitality sector
  • Enthusiastic about foreign languages


Duration : 2 years – ECTS : 120 credits

Bilingual Program (French and English) or Only in English

Choose 1 major course from the following topics: Casino Management (Casino Management, Casino
Products, Protection and Probability, Hotel Management, Gaming and Social Policy), Club Management (Club Management, Menu and Food Production Management, Catering and Banquet Management,), Lodging Management (Hotel Management, Hotel Systems , Menu and Food Production Management), Food and Beverage Management (Menu and Food Production Management, Beverage Management, Critical Issues in the Food Industry, Catering and Banquet Management)

Conditions to get the degree

– Student must to follow regullarly all the coures – He/She had to attend their class work, project; exams required in each course – He/She must to get at least 12/20

– Attend and realize Internships in company – Memory

– Student must get the TOEIC with 750 points or an equivalent in french

Tuition Fee

8700 euros per year