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Topic: Entrepreneurial, innovative and sustainable ecosystems

The workshop is organized by the Mandala, SDMI Research Centre 

The event aims to provide policy makers and innovation practitioners with knowledge and training/practical insights in setting up successful start-up platforms with support programmes strengthening regional/national innovation ecosystems. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss key elements in the development of successful innovation ecosystem such as: Open Innovation ecosystems and regional development, new public policies for creative, innovative and sustainable spatial units providing business support services, involving governmental entities.

Description of the Topic

This joint workshop provides an opportunity to discuss what a skill set for policymakers for ecosystem should contain and in what sort of institutional framework it will be most effective; how to introduce it in civil service organisations or networks and how to ensure a supportive institutional setting. Acknowledging that evidence use is a collaborative and iterative process, participants will discuss how to improve the communication between scientists/experts and policymakers. The resulting skills professional framework will be relevant to senior policy makers and/or operational staff for entrepreneurial strategies, whether inside of government or in the public sector outside government, including staff of international and development public bodies as well as knowledge brokers.

This two days conferences will argue that entrepreneurship can be an effective way to include eco-systems in local economies, by sharing their knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, and creating new market opportunities and cross-border networks. Entrepreneurship can also be part of the long-term solutions needed to address the consequences of large movements of forcibly displaced persons, in addition to the important measures that put in place to cope with the immediate effects of humanitarian crises or poverty


May 25 - 28 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm





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